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Task Management

Create, assign, organize and execute tasks with ease. Time and progression are tracked through the project life-cycle.

Employment with Support

The employment with support is a method of employment inclusion that offers employment opportunities to people who, because of their intellectual, physical, sensory or mental illness, are excluded from the ordinary labor market, that is, people that they can contribute with their diverse capacities, but that they require support, orientation and follow-up, to execute the tasks of the job.

The EwS is based on an individualized support system, consisting of the provision of the essential help provided to the person so that he/she can develop a work activity on his own, at a given moment of his life trajectory.


Assign personal tasks or assign them to multiple team members. Prioritize tasks with deadlines, time estimates, and labels.

Project Manager

Choose who manages which project so that they receive all the important notifications for any of the missed deadlines and overdue tasks and thus stay accountable.


Schedule your tasks, set automatic reminders and have multiple calendar views. Subscribe to ProofHub calendar and avoid referring to multiple calendars.


Take notes of project information, meeting minutes or ideas to remember in ProofHub. Keep them organized and collaborate over them all at one place.


Give your team the means to work together efficiently. See what each one works on. Receive notifications when there are new tasks and at the end of them And know information about the productivity of your team through statistics and reports.

Log every minute with timesheets

Log billable and non-billable hours with the Projects timesheet module. Record every minute of your hard work, either manually or with timers.

Add and Assign tasks

Unlike most task management applications, Pasitos allows you to assign a task to several people with just one click.

Measure the productivity

Get a record of the hours worked and keep your projects under control, you can be aware of ongoing projects or completed with our super friendly application.

Synchronize your team

Organize the work in the best way for your team. Share projects, assign tasks and help your employees to always stay constantly.

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